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Why Keep WordPress Updated?

Keeping WordPress Updated

As a WordPress user it’s important to understand that WordPress like all software is and will always be a work in progress. The version of WordPress that is running our websites today, won’t be the same version that we’ll be using a few months down the line.

The WordPress community and development team are constantly striving to squash bugs, fix security holes, add new improved features and ultimately create the next best version of this great content management system.

Why is it important to keep WordPress core, plugin & theme files updated?

1. Security

Getting your site hacked or compromised is not fun. Having to deal with the challenges of removing malware or restoring your site from a backup is time consuming and can be expensive.

2. Compatibility

Keeping your site updated also ensures that your WordPress installation will be compatible with all major, well known and well maintained plugins.

Outdated plugins can cause compatibility issues, which is why we always recommend making use of premium and well maintained plugins.

3. Latest Features

With every major WordPress update, come new features and benefits. Only by updating to the latest version will you be able to make use of the latest and greatest additions.

4. User Experience

The WordPress development team take their design very seriously. With every new version comes a simpler, cleaner and more user friendly experience.

What is the latest version of WordPress?

The official WordPress.org download page always displays the latest version of WordPress on the download button.


How To Check What Version Your Site Is Running?

On your dashboard, the “At a Glance” widget will show you your current version.


Does Your Site Get Updated Automatically?

WordPress does have a feature called “automatic background updates”, which means that your WordPress installation automatically updates it’s core files (excluding plugins) whenever a new version of a partial update is released. However major releases of WordPress require a manual update.

Sites running a version of WordPress that is older than 3.7.3 do not support automatic updates. These sites would require a manual update.

Not Sure If Your Site Needs An Update?

If you are not sure of what version your site is currently using, or whether or not your site needs manual updates, please contact support@posmaymedia.com – we’ll gladly assist you.

DIY WordPress Maintenance

Is it possible for you to maintain/update your own WordPress core, plugin and theme files? You certainly can, however, there is always a chance that something might go wrong. Or you simply forget to update and expose your site to potential security threats.

Does Posmay Media offer WordPress Maintenance?

We currently offer WordPress Maintenance Plans as an add-on service to existing hosting clients. If we’re currently hosting your site, then you are welcome to sign up for one of our WordPress Maintenance Plans.