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We provide the strategic support, implementation services and training to empower your business to increase your impact and profitability online.

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Proven Online Marketing Strategies To Increase:

1. Visibility

Publish more valuable content,
promote it in the best channels and
increase your brand awareness.

2. Credibility

Become known as the authority in
your niche by educating, inspiring & entertaining your target audience.

3. Impact

Reach a larger audience, work with
more ideal clients & have a
larger impact in the world.

4. Conversions

Setup an automated funnel
that will get you more email opt-ins,
more sales calls & more customers.

5. Delivery

Setup the systems to deliver more
value to your clients through your content, products and services. 

6. Profitability

Invest in yourself, your business
& your team to leverage & scale
your income & freedom.

Meet Your Strategic Partner & Consultant

Hi, I'm Sean - a digital marketing strategist and owner of Posmay Media.

With over 10 years of experience working independently online, I’m passionate about helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs build meaningful online businesses.

At Posmay Media our focus is developing and implementing systems and automations to help you scale your business online. We have extensive experience in WordPress development and optimization, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and video marketing.

Customer Testimonials & Feedback

Sean has been amazing, from briefing to strategy, weekly calls to execution, everything was super clear and beyond what I expected!

Bessy Tam | InYour20s.com

Sean is nothing short of a godsend and has been worth every penny I've invested in having his partnership in growing my brand. 

Charlie King | HeroicFatherhood.com

I can personally attest - as many of you have heard me rave - Sean is amazing! He’s been an invaluable part of my team & knows his stuff! 

Willo O'Brien | WilloLovesYou.com

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