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1Password – The Best Password Manager App

The Internet together with cloud based apps and online services has unlocked a world of opportunity. Be it email, social media, online publishing, project management, team collaboration, accounting, customer support, instant messaging or navigation – more and more applications and services are now housed in the cloud. And to access all of these services we constantly need to create new accounts and protect our accounts with strong passwords. But how do we remember and manage all these long complex passwords?

The answer is an app called 1Password by AgileBits.
Click the image below to watch a great video explaining how this app works.


1Password is a premium app that we use on a daily bases and recommend to all our customers and friends. We strongly feel that this app is the best password manager out there. It let’s you store and manage all your private sensitive information in one secure app – think of it as your virtual online safe. This can include passwords, login credentials, credit card details, bank accounts, passport details, and secret notes. Take a look at the following screenshot of the backend of the app to see all the categories on the menu on the left.


The app also integrates with useful browser extensions that make it super simple to login to the sites and create new strong passwords. I mostly use the Chrome extension, which I use daily and this functionality itself saves me hours each and every week.


1Password is available for Mac OS, iOS, Windows and Android and syncs seamlessly across devices. It also creates backups to services like Dropbox, which let’s you access your sensitive information through your Dropbox account in case you loose all your devices.

There are many other great features that you will discover, like vault sharing, which let’s you share passwords with your team or family members. If you don’t have a simple and reliable password management system in place, then I highly recommend that you try 1Password. You can download a free trial from their website.

Do you have any questions about 1Password or how to improve your online security?
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