Are You Trying To Do It All Yourself?

Is trying to do it all yourself leaving you overwhelmed and frustrated
Getting stuck and confused by all the different web apps and integrations?

Let our project manager & team be your secret online marketing weapon. 

Strategic Support & Implementation

We divide our work into the following two categories:

1. Strategy & Support Calls

Weekly private online calls to discuss strategy,
progress and action itmes. This is dedicated time
to talk about your business.

2. Implementation Tasks

After discussing your desired results, we'll come up 
action items for the given week. Leave the rest up to us. 
We'll get to work and get it done.

 How We'll Guide You & Save You Time

A sample of tasks and responsibilities that we support you with and implement on your behalf.

Account Management

​Setups & Updates
Web App Management
Project & Task Management
Support Queries

Website & WordPress

New Site Development
Existing Site Optimisation
WordPress Updates
Content Uploading
Maintenance & Backups

Email & Sales Funnels

Opt In / Sign Up Integrations
Email Writing & Editing
Creating Autoresponders
Automation & Sequence Setups Segmentation & Tagging

Sean at Posmay Media is nothing short of a godsend and has been worth every penny I've invested in having his partnership in growing my brand. 

Charlie King |

 Web Apps & Platforms That We Work With Daily

Monthly Support Packages

We offer the following monthly packages to choose from:

1. Get Started

Let's Get It Done
Slack Support **
5 x Implementation Hours

$ 500per month

No minimum commitment,
simply month to month.
All prices in USD

2. Standard

Let's Rock 'n Roll
Weekly Strategy Calls & Slack Support *
10 x Implementation Hours

$ 1500per month

3 Month minimum commitment,
then month to month.
All prices in USD

3. Premium

Let's Crush It!
Weekly Strategy Calls & Slack Support *
20 x Implementation Hours

$ 2000per month

3 Month minimum commitment,
then month to month.
All prices in USD

* Weekly strategy, support and accountability calls are used to discuss progress, priorities and action items.
These weekly 1 hour calls is where the magic happens .

Beyond implementation we'll work through existing setups, as well as make suggestions and recommendations.
** Slack support chats count towards the available implementation time. 

 Web Apps That We Use For Communication & Collaboration

Meet Your Strategic Consultant & Partner

I’m a digital marketing strategist, implementor and the owner of Posmay Media. I’m passionate about working with purpose-driven entrepreneurs building meaningful online businesses. I’ve been working independently online for the past 8+ years.

Let’s chat about how my team and I can help you succeed online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I communicate with you?

For weekly calls we use - we'll send you a link in order to join the call. For on-going communication we'll use a private Slack channel. We will invite you to join our account.

How do you keep my username and passwords safe?

We use 1Password to safely manage and secure all client access details. 1Password uses 256-bit AES encryption.

How does payment work?

Billing is setup as a recurring monthly payment via PayPal, which is processed at the beginning of each monthly billing cycle. At the end of each month we invoice you for any additional implementation hours or strategy call hours that have been used.

How do you track implementation hours?

We track our time in a shared Google spreadsheet. Tracked time includes client communication as well as time spent investigating and completing implementation tasks.

Do unused hours carry over to the next month?

​Unfortunately not, please make sure to use your available hours each month.

Do unused strategy calls carry over to next month?

Unfortunately not. If you are not available for the scheduled time, then we will do everything we can to re-schedule and fit in your call, assuming we have availability. 

Are weekly strategy calls compulsory?

No, we do offer a basic plan that does not include strategy/support calls, however we highly recommend a regular weekly call, as it's a great way of keeping track of progress, defining priorities and getting things done. 

What if I can't make a strategy call?

No problem, we'll reschedule.

Have Another Question?