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Online Credit Card Payment via PayFast

Posmay Media now offers simple, fast and secure online credit card payment via PayFast. This page walks you through the simple process of paying us using this new option.

1. Receive A PayFast Payment Request Link via Email

For each payment we will send you a payment request via email which will include a payment link that looks something like this. Clicking on the provided link will take you to the payment page.

PayFast Url Example

2. Filling In Your Email, Name & Surname

On the first page you will be asked to fill in your email, name and surname. Your email may already be filled in, because this is the email address that we sent the payment request to. After clicking continue, the page will re-load.

PayFast Payment Process pg1

3. Selecting Credit Card As Your Payment Method

On the second page you will be asked to select your payment method. Assuming you’re paying with a credit card, you click on “Credit card”.

PayFast Payment Process pg2

4. Filling In Your Credit Card Details

On the third and final page you will be asked to enter your credit card details. Please make sure that the amount you are paying is correct. Also make sure that your transacting with the correct email address. And please take note that the payment will appear on your statement as ‘PayFast’ and not as ‘Posmay Media’ or ‘Sean Twomey’.

After filling in your details, please click on the ‘Pay’ button to make the payment.

PayFast Payment Process pg3

Need Help?

If you need help with this process or if you run into any difficulties, please email us at support@posmaymedia.com