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What Content & Pages To Include On Your Website

Published on 30 July 2014 by Sean Twomey | Filed in Website Development | Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are no fixed rules when it comes to the content you should include on your website, as it depends on a number of factors. However based on my experience there are a few common recommendations. Find below my content framework with suggestions of what you should consider including. Use this well-researched setup to help your brand provide the value your customers are looking for and to achieve your brand’s marketing and website objectives.

An Effective Website Content Framework

1. Home Page

Introduce your visitors to your brand and feature the following aspects:

  • What your business does
  • What services or products your business offers
  • What your business stands for
  • How your business can help solve your client/readers problem
  • What sets your business apart from the competition

Also add links on this page that link through to pages that meet your various website and marketing objectives. For example “Learn More”, “Contact Us”, “Start Here”, “Free Download”, “Sign Up”, etc.

2. Start Here

The “Start Here” page is aimed at new visitors with the intention to help them understand what your business offers and how it can help them solve their problems. It is aimed at your customer personas, leading into marketing funnels and featuring your most helpful content.

3. Services/Products/Brands

This page is used to showcase what services, products and brands your business offers. Do this with short concise summaries that include graphics and links to the “Learn More” page where visitors to the website can find more information. Depending on your business, you might want to setup various pages for this content.

4. FAQ

Answering frequently asked questions helps your visitor understand your business and their own challenges better – positioning your business as the authority in the market that has the knowledge and experience.

5. Blog

Your “Blog” will list all posts and articles with valuable content that your business regularly publishes. Published content or articles can include industry news, trends, events, featured clients, new product releases, new offers, company news, how to tutorials, etc.

6. About

Provide your visitor with information about your business, brand and team. More importantly help the visitor do the following:

  • Understand why your business does what it does
  • How your business can add value
  • Who your business is targeted at
  • How you can help them solve a problem or pain point
  • Why your business is the right business to work with and buy from

7. Support

Explain what support your business offers your clients. Make sure to manage their expectations and provide important information and links so they can easily submit support requests.

8. Enquiries/Request A Quote/Bookings

This page facilitates the next step that you would like visitor to take and to do business with your brand. This page can contain a smart enquiry form helping visitors to the website to request what they require.

9. Resources

A resources page features a collection of helpful resources that your business recommends and endorses. This can link to anything that adds value to your customers journey including educational content, useful tools and services, and profiles of other thought leaders. It can also include complementing partners or brands in your industry. This can link to third party websites or to content on your own businesses website. This is also a great place to include affiliate links, but make sure to be open and transparent.

10. Contact

This page lists the contact information a visitor would need to do business with you. This can include a contact form, email addresses, map of where to find your offices and branch locations.

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